Marbel School of Science and Technology

Upper Valley, Bo.2, Korondal City
Phone #: (083)2289447,2283147,09164498194

TESDA Courses offered

Baking/Pastry Production NC II500 hours
Bartending NC II286 hours
Bartending NC II502 hours
Bread & Pastry Production NC II141 hours
Caregiving NC II1,038 hours
Caregiving NC II786 hours
Commercial Cooking NC II436 hours
Commercial Cooking NC II660 hours
Computer Hardware Servicing NC II256 hours
Computer Hardware Servicing NC II789 hours
Food & Beverage Services NC II552 hours
Front Office Services NC II444 hours
Health Care Services NC II996 hours
Housekeeping NC II436 hours
Housekeeping NC II447 hours
Pharmacy Services NC II271 hours
Programming NC IV252 hours
Programming NC IV942 hours
Security Service NC I170 hours
Security Service NC II223 hours
Security Services NC II165 hours
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