La Union Colleges of Science and Technology, Inc.

Central West, Bauang
Phone #: (072) 705-3629

TESDA Courses offered

Baking/Pastry Production NC II116 Hours
Bartending NC II286 Hours
Building Wiring Installation NC II1,308 Hours
Caregiving NC II1,000 Hours
Commercial Cooking NC II436 Hours
Computer Hardware Servicing (BSInfoTech) NC II864 Hours
Computer Hardware Servicing NC II356 Hours
Finishing Course for Medical Transcription NC II160 Hours
Food and Beverage Services NC II336 Hours
Health Care Services NC II996 Hours
Housekeeping NC II436 Hours
Medical Transcriptionist NC II480 Hours
Programming (BSInfoTech) NC IV864 Hours
Programming NC IV252 Hours
Security Services NC INot Available
Security Services NC IINot Available
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