AMA Computer Learning Center of Guimba, NE, Inc.

14 Ongiangco St., Guimba, Nueva Ecija
Phone #: (044) 611-1403,0519

TESDA Courses offered

Bookkeeping NC III292 Hours
Business and Information Management1634 Hours
Career Entry Course for Software Developer - JAVA240 hours
Career Entry Course for Software Developer - Microsoft.Net240 hours
Certificate in Business Application Software40 Hours
Certificate in Internet Technology80 Hours
Certificate in Multimedia Design & Development80 Hours
Certificate in PC Servicing & Networking68 Hours
Contact Center Services NC II356 Hours
Diploma in Office Information System2 Years
Diploma in Software Development2 Years
Diploma in Web Application Development2 Years
Events Management Services NC III108 Hours
Programming NC IV1915 Hours
Programming NC IV252 Hours
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