Valdez Mother and Child City Colleges

28 Nat'l Highway, Tacurong City
Phone #: (064)200-6466

TESDA Courses offered

Automotive Servicing NC II524 hours
Barista NC IINot Available
Building Wiring Installation NC II402 hours
Caregiving NC II786 hours
Carpentry NC II162 hours
Commercial Cooking NC II436 hours
Computer Hardware Servicing NC II356 hours
Computer Hardware Servicing NC II392 hours
Consumer Electronics Servicing NC II438 hours
Contact Center Services NC II396 hours
Emergency Medical Services NC II446 hours
Emergency Medical Services NC II960 hours
Finishing Course for Call Center Agents Leading to NC II100 hours
Finishing Course for Medical Transcription Leading to NC II160 hours
Food & Beverage Services NC II336 hours
Front Office Services NC II436 hours
Health Care Services NC II996 hours
Household Services NC II216 hours
Housekeeping NC II436 hours
Light Vehicle Driving NC II118 hours
Masonry NC II258 hours
Massage Therapy NC II560 hours
Medical Transcription Course NC II390 hours
Pharmacy Services NC II271 hours
Programming NC IV252 hours
Security Service NC I170 hours
Security Service NC II223 hours
Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) NC II268 hours
Super Maid Course NC II116 hours
Welding (SMAW) NC II304 hours
Welding(GMAW) NC III80 hours
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