Oroquieta Agro-Industrial School

Purok 3, Villaflor, Oroquieta City
Phone #: (088) 531-2122 , 531-2111

TESDA Courses offered

Animal Production NC II1,080 hours
Arabic Language and Saudi/Gulf Culture96 hours
Automotive Servicing NC I728 hours
Automotive Servicing NC II840 hours
Commercial Cooking NC II436 hours
Computer Hardware Servicing NC II392 hours
Computer-Based English Proficiency100 hours
Consumer Electronics Servicing NC II680 hours
Driving NC II120 hours
Electrical Installation & Maintenance NC II402 hours
Finishing Course for Call Center Agents NC II100 hours
Food Processing NC II1,122 hours
Horticulture NC II1,608 hours
Household Services NC II376 hours
Massage Therapy NC II560 hours
Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) NC II324 hours
Trainers Methodology Level 1264 hours
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