Mariano Marcos State University - CIT

P. Gomez St., Laoag City, Ilocos Norte
Phone #: (077) 771-4241

TESDA Courses offered

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Automotive Body Painting/Finishing (BSIT) NC II324 Hours
Automotive Body Repairing (BSIT) NC II324 Hours
Automotive Engine Rebuilding (BSIT) NC II324 Hours
Automotive Servicing (BSIT) NC I1,152 Hours
Automotive Servicing (BSIT) NC II1,332 Hours
Baking/Pastry Production (BSIT) NC II252 Hours
Bartending (BSIT) NC II252 Hours
Building Wiring Installation (BSIT) NC II792 Hours
Commercial Cooking (BSIT) NC II252 Hours
Computer Hardware Servicing (BSIT) NC II756 Hours
Consumer Electronics Servicing (BSIT) NC II1,494 Hours
Dressmaking (BSIT) NC II1,116 Hours
Food and Beverage Services (BSIT) NC II252 Hours
Food Processing (BSIT) NC II666 Hours
Ice Plant Refrigeration Servicing (BSIT) NC III324 Hours
Programming (BSIT) NC IV1,070 Hours
RAC (PACU/CRE) Servicing (BSIT) NC II648 Hours
Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning (RAC) Servicing (BSIT) NC I792 Hours
Tailoring (BSIT) NC II1,494 Hours
Transport RAC (PACU/CRE) Servicing (BSIT) NC II1,088 Hours