Lupon School of Fisheries

Panuncialman St., Lupon, Davao Oriental
Phone #: 087 808-0125

TESDA Courses offered

Agriculture Crops Production NC I378 Hours
Animal Production NC II860 Hours
Aquaculture NC II1,441 Hours
Automotive Servicing NC I288 hours
Automotive Servicing NC II542 hours
Bartending NC II312 Hours
Beauty Care NC II216 hours
Bread & Pastry Production NC II167 Hours
Caregiving NC II1,152 Hours
Commercial Cooking NC II (Amended)462 Hours
Computer Hardware Servicing NC II382 Hours
Consumer Electronics Servicing NC II458 Hours
Driving NC II120 Hours
Food & Beverage Services NC II362 Hours
Food Processing NC II576 Hours
Front Office Services NC II462 Hours
Hotel & Restaurant Services (Bundled Qualifications in Commercial Cooking NC II; Housekeeping NC II; Front Office NC II; Food & Beverage Services NC II; Bartending NC II; Bread & Pastry Production NC II)1,917 hours
Household Services NC II240 Hours
Housekeeping NC II462 Hours
Massage Therapy NC II560 Hours
RAC (PACU/CRE) Servicing NC II260 Hours
Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning (DomRAC) Servicing NC II544 hours
Trainers Methodology I264 hours
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