Aparri Polytechnic Institute (formerly: Aparri School of Arts and Trades)

Maura, Aparri, Cagayan
Phone #: (078) 822-8270 , 888-2015 , 822-8306

TESDA Courses offered

Automotive Servicing NC II524 Hrs.
Beauty Care NC II1,098 Hours
Bread and Pastry Production NC II141 Hrs.
Caregiving NC II1,094 Hours
Carpentry NC II162 Hrs.
Commercial Cooking NC II436 Hours
Computer Hardware Servicing NC II356 Hours
Consumer Electronics Servicing NC II438 Hrs.
Dressmaking NC II275 Hrs.
Driving NC II118 Hours
Electrical Installation & Maintenance NC II402 Hours
Food & Beverage Services NC II336 Hours
Front Office Services NC II436 Hours
Hairdressing NC II1,098 Hours
Housekeeping NC II436 Hours
Housekeeping NC III76 Hours
Masonry NC II258 Hours
Plumbing NC II162 Hours
RAC Servicing( PACU-CRE)226 hours
Shielded Metal Arc Welding NC II268 Hours
Tailoring NC II275 Hrs.
Tile Setting NC II82 Hours
Trainers Methodology Level 1: Trainer/Assessor264 hours
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